I want to live healthily and slim

7. června 2009 v 19:22 | Evanna |  June 2009
Hello everyone! How are you? I am Evanna and I come from Slovakia. I am 17 and my English language isn´t very good, because I am learning English only one year :-). It is a good chance for improving my English language but it isn´t main thing why I make this site. I want to live healthy and slim... all my life everyone have a lot of stupid comments on my body and appearance. It demolished me in my soul... ech. I don´t have many friends and I am for everyone only air:-(.
But I must be stronger!

New things in my life:
  • I have new and my first tatoo (small star on wrists)
  • I am learning English language (alone at home)
  • I have an idea for better life and for my health
  • I found a new love in the books and new music
  • I found a new best friend (my classmate Dany)
  • After all, I have this new site about my new life

My great model is a girl whose name is Kath and her site http://www.katheats.com/. I have same design like her. I admire her;-)!

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